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Here you can search all of our 360-INC products by there brand name. Our brands include Wave Rebel, Surface, Localmotion and Voit.

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  • Wave Rebel
    Wave Rebel is a very renowned brand that has been around for the late 80's Wave Rebel Bodyboards have been present at all of the worlds most challenging waves from around the world and has made advancements in bodyboard technologies. Some of the advancements have been a flexible epoxy bottom and, the patterned Ion bottom channels. 360-INC has produced some of the fastest boards in the water. The brand has many shapes and styles that will fit from the beginner to pro level riders.
  • Surface

    Our Surface brand has been a well-known brand in the skimboard and surfboard community.  Performance and Quality are a key ingredient and every Surface board.

  • Voit Fins
    The Voit Fins have been a staple item at beaches from the early 50s. They are known as Duck Feet due to the long blade. Like all time-tested products they evolve with time. There are three models to choose from. Voit Duck Feet Fins the UDT, Duck Feet and V-Duck. All three models possess their own unique style and flare. Each fin is laid up by hand and is made with 100% gum rubber.